IN PERSON – June 1-18, 2023 in MANHATTAN – Pregones/PRTT’s musical theater play based on real stories of the fabled Bronx fires of the 1970s set to the rhythms of Salsa, Disco-Funk, and Hip-Hop. Book & Lyrics by Rosalba Rolón. Music by Desmar Guevara. Dramaturgy by Christin E. Cato, Omar Pérez. Directed by Rosalba Rolón.

Quarter Rican

IN PERSON – April 20-May 7, 2023 in MANHATTAN – A fast-talking hip-hop musical about the ins and outs of new parenting, mixed heritage, and what makes or breaks your child’s Latine identity. Book by Gabriel Diego Hernández. Music and Lyrics by Rachel Elmer and Gabriel Diego Hernández. Directed by Jorge B. Merced.

The Diamond

IN PERSON – April 12-23, 2023 in THE BRONX – A World Premiere from People’s Theatre Project, The Diamond follows a group of detained immigrants who conspire against a dystopian government. Written by Christin Eve Cato (“Sancocho”) and directed by Chuk Obasi (“The Weaver (part II): Paradigm”).