bronx dance & drum festival

Crowns: Fabrics of Resistance

November 9-10, 2019 in THE BRONX – Second Annual Bronx Dance & Drum Festival curated by Milteri Tucker & Bombazo Dance Co. This two-day event showcases the uniqueness of different cultures from the African Diaspora together on one stage! The festival advances Bombazo’s mission to connect the African presence of the Americas through dance and drum. This year’s theme, CROWNS: Telas de resistencia / Fabrics of Resistance, pays tribute to the women of the diaspora who have kept their cultural traditions alive and have passed them down to the next generations. Workshops, Drum Circle, Live Performances!

2019 Block Party - Women playing guitar at La Casita

Bronx Summer Block Party

July 28, 2019 in THE BRONX — Pregones/PRTT’s annual summer block party featuring the multicultural artists of Lincoln Center Out of Doors’ LA CASITA. Through poetry, music, and stories, a powerful community of artist-activists give voice to the everyday heroes working to uphold and extend LGBTQ, women’s, civil, immigrant, and human rights. FREE admission, all are welcome!


I Am Julia

June 1, 2019 in THE BRONX – A new solo show by young master of the Puerto Rican bomba folk dance genre Julia Gutiérrez Rivera. Rich with the sensual art of faldeo or skirt flying, footwork and intimate reflections, and poignant commentary on culture, race, gender, and age. A featured event of the South Bronx Culture Trail Festival 2019: retroACTIVO. Only one performance — NOW SOLD OUT!


Agua Dulce Dance Theater

A special dance presentation Saturday, October 10, 2015 at 8PM Dance showcase presentation. Next generation choreographers Alicia Díaz + Matthew Thornton present Deep Listening – a new investigation of culture, memory, and identity through movement, music, and text. ABOUT ARTISTS TICKETS VENUE ABOUT Agua Dulce Dance Theater presents Deep Listening–an investigation of culture, memory, and identity through…


Creating Connections

Friday June 26, 2015 at 8PM Creating Connections: Latina artists on the move! Dancing to the beat of NYC, six artists explore the Caribbean/Latina-American experience through dance and performance. ABOUT ARTISTS TICKETS VENUE ABOUT Following a collaborative process, this multi-media event pays tribute to the original troupe of dancers/choreographers who crafted the dance/theater piece Out…