MAINSTAGE is home to Pregones/PRTT’s award-winning acting and music ensemble, including veteran, mid-career, and early-career artists. At its center is an original repertory of new plays and adaptations known for their distinctive visual and rhythmic character, integration of live music as a primary element, and artful inquiry into Puerto Rican/Latino and American lives, migrations, and popular cultures. The Mainstage season includes full and workshop-level productions of new and existing stage works, readings and other development of plays by resident and associate artists, and public dialogues about form, content, and context. Tapping into the zeitgeist of new national movements for Latinx and People of Color theater, Mainstage also harbors partnerships with other producers and makers of merit.



PRESENTING is equal parts kaleidoscope and Spanish accent at Pregones/PRTT: We program for a largely Latino general audience and always make room for meaningful contrasts, discovery, and exchange. We champion an expansive view of the performing arts by opening our Bronx and Manhattan stages to extraordinary theater, music, dance, and multimedia from the United States and from around the world. Producers, makers, and curators of diverse heritage, artistic discipline, and business model consult and collaborate towards presentation of both seasoned and emerging artists, as part of standalone, residency, and series engagements. Notable and awarded initiatives include Plataforma: The Bronx-Broadway Showcase for Latino Theater, 21 Islands: A Global Arts Stage for the South Bronx, and March Is Music.



EDUCATION arms multiple generations of our artists and community members with skills, resources, and networks for creative expression: Professional Artist Development gives early-career, mid-career, and veteran playwrights and ensemble artists opportunities for mentored and peer-to-peer learning, critique, and advancement. Community-Based Arts Learning provides youth and older adults with sequential and cumulative education so as to build individual achievement and civic adhesion. Master teaching artists and top-caliber partners share in the stewardship of a venerable legacy that spans our Raúl Juliá Training Unit, PRTT Playwrights Unit, Asunción Playwrights Project, Forum Theater Marathon, Seniors In Motion, and other initiatives of serious impact.



TOURING connects our company to other artists and audiences throughout and beyond New York. The program amplifies the reach of Pregones/PRTT’s original musical theater repertory, disseminates and deepens understanding of our methodology, and seeds reciprocal relationships around art making, community development, and advocacy. Salient accomplishments include our long-running summer tour of NYC, now in the guise of Stage Garden Rumba; 25-year partnership with the Appalachian artists of Roadside Theater, including premiere of our intercultural musical Betsy!; 10-year international relay with theaters in Peru, South Africa, Slovakia, Belgium, and Holland, a network known as the Worldwide Theater Carrousel; and projects underway with Art Bridge at Artspace, with partners in New York, DC, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Minnesota, South Dakota, California, Hawaii, Washington, and Alaska.