Ahhh… The Sound of March Is Music! Music has been central to the creative life of our theater company for more than four decades. Music stars, emerging musicians, theater composers, lyricists. They have all played a role in creating a musical vibe at our Bronx theater on Walton Avenue and in our touring adventures throughout the country and abroad.  On the road, at home, in rehearsal rooms, year round, music is always present throughout our Seasons.

And that is how MARCH IS MUSIC was born 17 years ago. MARCH IS MUSIC was a spark that motivated us to create a dedicated time of the year in which to celebrate, stimulate and provide a unique opportunity for our audiences and our guest artists to enjoy time together at Pregones Theater in The Bronx. Traditional, experimental, classical contemporary sounds all have a place in MARCH IS MUSIC. Saturday night concerts, free piano concerts on Sundays, film screenings and special events make MARCH IS MUSIC a unique experience.

We are proud members of a strong musical community in The Bronx and we invite you to visit and experience the vibe! The Bronx is called the County of Music for a reason! Well, many reasons!

“The sound of each note played in March Is Music is a reminder of how we can inspire each other, coming together as a whole”, says Alvan Colón Lespier, Associate Artistic Director of PregonesPRTT and co-Producer of the Series along with Desmar Guevara, our Musical Director, who adds: “The healing power of March Is Music digs deeper with each passing year…17 of them so far!”.

Check out MARCH IS MUSIC 2023!  Turn this digital page so you can check each concert in detail. To get you started, here is a summary of the Series now playing through March 31, 2023:

  • Directly from Oakland/San Francisco: John Santos joins our Musical Director Desmar Guevara with NEW YORK BORICUA SEXTET;
  • Four Free PIANO SUNDAYS – Four extraordinary Pianists execute their brilliance on our Steinway Piano: MINYI ZHANG, FRANCESCA KHALIFA, CHANTAL BALESTRI, SIYUMENG WANG;
  • MANUEL VALERA and his winning Jazz, Fusion, Cuban sounds;
  • Renowned Mexican folk and fusion stars VILLALOBOS BROTHERS;
  • A celebration of 30 years of artistic collaborations between Appalachian and Bronx musicians, composers and performers on a one-of-a kind ROADSIDE + PREGONES concert to bring MIM2023 to a great finale!

Soooo yes…the South Bronx is celebrating the sound of MARCH IS MUSIC!!

Rosalba Rolón
Artistic Director

NEXT AT PREGONES: The Diamond by People’s Theatre Project April 12-23, 2023

Pictured: Photos from March Is Music 2023 concerts by New York Boricua Sextet feat. John Santos and Sonia Olla + Ismael Fernández by Krystal Pagán.

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