Happy 2023! The New Year has landed, with its knowns and unknowns, like any other year. In our arts sector, the knowns are generally tied to previously programmed events, those pillars of our mission and reflective of our values. The unknowns, though, are tied to unexpected events, including social and political shakeups, economic environment and, as we have been experiencing, a global pandemic. Talking about unexpected!

In our creative world, the unknowns are also the containers of surprising creative pursuits and discovery.

They push our boundaries and force us to explore and make tough choices. Ask any artist about what is next. Or maybe not, or you get an earful. But let’s give it a try. I know what is next in the fabulous programing at Pregones/Puerto Rican Traveling Theater —more on that at the end of this reflection. What I don’t know is the full range of what is brewing in the hearts and brains of our Artistic Team and the many artists who work with us and around us. I have several works going in circles in my head. They fight with each other, looking for my attention. It is what I call creative vertigo.

I just googled ‘vertigo’: a sudden internal or external spinning sensation, often triggered by moving your head too quickly.  So, I try not to move my head too quickly and I succeed. I focus. The spinning stops. But only for so long. I kind of like this fight for my attention. But I rather control the spinning sensation. Not all the creative impulses will result in a viable work of art. And I don’t want the ‘someday’ to mean ‘never’. By not moving my head too quickly, I prevent the vertigo, without losing the creative beat that causes it.

Pregones/PRTT’s 22-23 Season is a good example of this. Our Season has been fueled by a rich and broad range of events.

Some of the extraordinary performances now on calendar were just a dream not long ago—some are the product of years of patient creative relationships, while others are newer nudges and opportunities!

I take this moment to THANK all who make our work possible: our creative teams —actors, musicians, designers, technical production crews, front-of-house, administrative staff, board of directors, volunteers, and, of course, OUR AUDIENCE!

Here are some HIGHLIGHTS of upcoming events you don’t want to miss at Pregones in The Bronx and PRTT in Manhattan:

  • 21 ISLANDS INT’L SHORT FILM FEST now in its 7th Edition!
  • Creative residency and private showing of SHESUS by John Leguizamo
  • MARCH IS MUSIC concert series featuring 9 world-class musical artists
  • Creative residency and premiere of THE DIAMOND by People’s Theatre Project
  • Premiere and touring of new forum theater play for ABRAZO/EMBRACE
  • Premiere of QUARTER RICAN by Gabriel Hernández
  • Manhattan premiere of TORCHED! by Rosalba Rolón
  • New photo exhibit by Marisol Díaz-Gordon in The Bronx
  • RAÚL JULIÁ TRAINING UNIT + Beyond Worshop Series with Revolución Latina
  • Alliance of Teatros Latinos/New York’s SPRING THEATER FEST
  • and much, much more!

Let’s spin together!!

Get on The Bronx Manhattan Theater Express!

Rosalba Rolón
Artistic Director

Pictured: TOP Season artwork by Jeison Rivera for Pregones/PRTT; BOTTOM Artistic Director Rosalba Rolón with the 2022 cast and creative team of Torched!, photo by Michael Palma Mir.

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