Final performance January 7, 2018

Pregones/PRTT is proud to partner with the creative team behind the legendary Forbidden Broadway, also seen at Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, for the Broadway district opening of the side-splitting new musical, SPAMILTON, a roaring sendup and celebration of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s game-changing hit Broadway musical HAMILTON.

Performed in English with new Spanish-language supertitles!

Co-produced by Pregones/PRTT and Lush Budgett
Written and Directed by Gerard Alessandrini
Spanish-language Supertitles by Rosalba Rolón
Choreography by Gerry McIntyre

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About the production

Starring a formidable multicultural and multilingual cast, SPAMILTON – An American Parody throws into high relief the full range of wit, energy, and talent required to make a name in the American musical; takes a good jab (or twenty!) at the would-bes and the has-beens; and is rich with nods to Broadway’s many and ever-influential hit-makers. A must-see treat for seasoned and budding theater lovers alike!

“Like most of the country, I became obsessed with Hamilton and the revolutionary score by Lin-Manuel Miranda. I believe his stunning reinvention on how to musicalize a dramatic story completely revived the Broadway Musical from being a dead art form. After satirizing musicals for 30 years, I couldn’t help but feel obligated to take a few jabs at the biggest hit musical that has opened in New York in my lifetime. We are thrilled to be working again with everyone at Puerto Rican Traveling Theater. Miriam Colón was a great friend, and she and I were long admirers of each other’s work. We are heartened to be collaborating with her organization.” –Gerard Alessandrini

“Welcoming Spamilton into our home on 47th Street is a tribute to the 50+ year history of showcasing original works and to the partnerships we have built along the way. Miriam Colón, the late founder of Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, found immense joy in one such partnership: the artists/producers who created Forbidden Broadway. She would have been thrilled to learn that we have developed a new and collaborative vision for the continued success of their latest adventure!” –Rosalba Rolón

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