May 18-20, 2018

An insane play experience!

How did an iconic polish play
directed by a Puerto Rican director
find it’s next home in The Bronx?

With sweat, a passport, and a healthy disrespect for the status quo.

An extraordinary cast directed by physical theater powerhouse, Daniel Irizarry!

Written in 1923, The Madman and The Nun is dedicated to “all the madmen in the world” and explores the tyranny of society over the individual as well as the boundaries of sanity. Sound familiar? The play can be seen as an absurdist comedy in which science, religion, and the state form a totalitarian alliance to bring about enforced happiness and social tranquility by means of psychiatric confinement.


Sister Barbara: Maeve Crispi
Walpburg: Christopher Cancel-Pomales
Grün: Tina Thurman
Doctor Bidello: Nicole Betancourt
Sister Barbara: Jon F.
Alfred: Gabriel Hernández
Paphnutius: Charlie Munn

Tickets Start at $15

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All performances will take place at Pregones Theater in The Bronx
575 Walton Avenue, Bronx NY 10451
(between 149th & 150th Streets)

Daniel Irizarry is one of Pregones/PRTT’s STEP UP ARTIST IN RESIDENCE for 2018.


This gut-wrenching play by Polish icon, Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz, is so uniquely special to Daniel Irizarry and his company One-Eighth.

The journey began at a University in Turkey. It was Daniel, a cast of Turkish students, and an unsuspecting audience. The all went “bananas” for it.

After Turkey, Daniel brought Madman and the Nun back to its homeland… Poland.

With a little grace & skill, they earned the blessing of the iconic Polish Artistic Director Włodzimierz Staniewski of the Gardzienice.

Here is what Staniewski wrote about the production:

Daniel Irizarry is a sorcerer of theatre. As a director and as an actor, he masters all theatrical ways of expression (movement, words, music) with the fluency and capability worthy of a wonderful conjurer.
Anyone who loves theatre – with an innocent, juvenile kind of love – will most certainly fall in love with this production of The Madman and Nun!

The Bronx and NYC are ready for this truly insane theatrical event!