December 2-3, 2017 

Hijas de la Bernarda

Directly from Puerto Rico!

From Puerto Rico via the Cádiz International Theater Festival, a daring new dance theater take on La Casa de Bernarda Alba created by JEANNE D’ARC and ROSA LUISA MÁRQUEZ

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About the production

Led by Rosa Luisa Márquez and Jeanne d’Arc Casas, the production is a daring new adaptation of Lorca’s LA CASA DE BERNARDA ALBA, shedding light on the experience and internalization of violence by women and girls of Spanish Caribbean heritage.

The original play is said to be based on an actual neighbor of Lorca’s family, a ferocious widow overly concerned with public opinion, ruling with authoritarian glee over her household and daughters. The drama also captures a moment of popular and political malaise paving the way to dictatorship and civil war. Drawing from that premise and from the lasting tide of violence against women in the Caribbean, HIJAS investigates how social violence takes hold of the female body, how it gets passed down generation to generation, and how it can be undone.

HIJAS fuses flamenco, dance-theater, and live music in an energetic sequence of character portraits, dialogues, and improvisations, criss-crossed with protest songs from the Spanish Civil War and Latin American liberation struggles. The production features a cast of 12 artists.

The original music composed and executed live by Rafael Martínez, María Pilar Aponte and Enrique Chávez, uses several instruments like guitar, piano, flute and percussion. The piece is also features by a musical score that includes songs by García Lorca, boleros, tangos and rhythms from beginning to end.

The presentation of HIJ@S DE LA BERNARDA is made possible in part with the support of the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture’s Diverse Arts Spaces program.


Advance Tickets
start at $15

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