The Tempest

June 26-29, 2019 in THE BRONX – A new devised theater piece directed Luis Salgado, the result of creative collaboration between professional and aspiring artists from Latin America, the Caribbean, and New York City. This riveting and multilingual take on Shakespeare’s classic is rich with the sonority and rhythms of Latinx cultures. Awake to the comedy, drama, betrayal, and magic of THE TEMPEST! Only four performances. BUY NOW!

SolFest at PRTT

June 17-19, 2019 in MANHATTAN – SolFest 2019: Three nights of extraordinary Latinx theater, dialogue, and celebration! Featuring new plays by Evelina Fernández (THE MOTHER OF HENRY), Darell Alejandro Holnes (FRANKLIN AVE), Cusi Cram (THE WILD INSIDE), and Pregones/PRTT Ensemble (LA GUARACHA based on story and characters by Luis Rafael Sánchez). All events start 7pm and include social mixer. FREE Admission. RSVP Required. Reserve Now – Seating Is Limited!

I Am Julia

June 1, 2019 in THE BRONX – A new solo show by young master of the Puerto Rican bomba folk dance genre Julia Gutiérrez Rivera. Rich with the sensual art of faldeo or skirt flying, footwork and intimate reflections, and poignant commentary on culture, race, gender, and age. A featured event of the South Bronx Culture Trail Festival 2019: retroACTIVO. Only one performance — NOW SOLD OUT!

Quarter Rican

May 4, 2019 in MANHATTAN – Parenting, mixed heritage, and invisible difference between Puerto Rican flag and come what may! First workshop production of a new comedy by Gabriel Hernández. Music by Gabriel Hernández & Gabo Lugo. Directed by Jorge B. Merced. Only two performances: 3pm and 7:30pm. BUY NOW!


October 1-25, 2014, in MANHATTAN A brand new staging of “the quintessential Boricua play,” celebrating the merger of Pregones Theater and Puerto Rican Traveling Theater. Featuring the return to the stage of acclaimed actor and original Apagón cast member Jorge B. Merced, together with rising Latino stage, film, and music star Flaco Navaja. Directed by…

Baile Cangrejero

Afro-Latino rhythm and culture to heat up your holiday season! BOMBA, PLENA & POESÍA Rhythmic treasures of our Afro Caribe heritage, from Palés to Guillén! A classic, Baile Cangrejero sets the great masters of Afro-Latino poetry to the dynamic rhythms of bomba, plena and bolero. TICKETS DESCRIPTION CREDITS VENUE PRESS TICKETS CLICK ON DATES FOR…


The Appalachian-Puerto Rican Musical! BETSY! tells the story of a Bronx jazz singer forced to confront her twin Spanish Caribbean and Scotch-Irish roots. Her dilemma stirs up the ghosts of six generations of American women, and musical currents spanning four continents. Premiering at The Puerto Rican Traveling Theater in Manhattan. TICKETS ABOUT HISTORY ARTISTS ACTIVITY…

The Desire of The Astronaut

THE DESIRE OF THE ASTRONAUT World Premiere May 4-22, 2016 Pregones Ensemble’s latest production! Enter the world of Esteban Only – the last Boricua in space! Written and directed by Alvan Colón-Lespier. Musical Director Desmar Guevara. ABOUT ARTISTS TICKETS VENUE ABOUT Floating in space thousands and thousands of miles away from us, Esteban Only is calling,…