Dan Guerrero Does It On Stage

[We asked Rosalba Rolón to share a few personal notes about artist Dan Guerrero’s impressive trajectory and his acclaimed autobiographical performance ¡Gaytino! Enjoy!]

“We went to the front of the line and we took our place.” This is one of my favorite lines of Dan Guerrero’s one man show ¡GAYTINO! In fact, it is the first quote on my newest little black book of quotes. How fortunate for all of us that Pregones is presenting Dan Guerrero’s acclaimed production on May 9th.

A visit to Dan’s website ( reveals an impressive career, that of a Master Artist. He is – well, a guerrero, a fighter. Dan is the son of LALO GUERRERO (1916-2005), considered by many the father of Chicano music, and Margaret Marmion. His father was also known as a farm labor activist. Dan came to activism late in life, on his own terms, his East LA, Hollywood, Broadway, Chicano life lived as an outspoken gay man. He is not apologetic about taking solid steps in Chicano and LGBT issues later than expected by others. “It comes when it comes”, he says.

¡GAYTINO! combines the fun, reflections, backstage talk, political nuisance in a one-act tour de force that only a veteran like Dan can accomplish. He is seductive, devoid of frills – fun as they can be -, carving layers upon layers of deep truths behind each segment of his story.

As I roamed throughout Washington DC this past week – meeting with policy makers, congress and senate staffers, and presidential advisors – perhaps the most inspiring visit was the one with two young Latina Curators who are working tirelessly to secure a place for Latino visual arts, portraits and stories in the museum world. Once again, I was reminded of that line: “we went to the front of the line and we took our place”. What led Dan Guerrero to write this haunting line?

written and performed by Dan Guerrero; directed by Diane Rodriguez
Where: Pregones Theater, 575 Walton Avenue, The Bronx
When:  Saturday May 9th, 8PM

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But wait! There is more!

Get your feet wet with the awesome Guerreros on
Wednesday, May 6th, at 7PM:

Don’t miss the screening of
Lalo Guerrero – The Original Chicano,
followed by conversation with Dan Guerrero.

The career and songbook of the legendary “Father of Chicano Music” guide the viewer through seven decades of Mexican-American/Chicano history, from Repatriation, the Zoot Suit riots and the UFW to the minifalda/mini-skirt and Chicano pride and prejudice.

And the screening is FREE!!

Run to the front of the line and take your place!!


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