Saturday, March 23, 2019 @ 8PM

Directly from Holland

South Bronx Meets South Rotterdam!

Pregones/PRTT proudly partners with the artists of Islemunda in Holland, to present a one-of-a-kind international exchange and concert experience: South Rotterdam Meets The South Bronx! Home-grown talent from either side of the Atlantic celebrate the uniqueness and universality of their musical cultures.

Islemunda Sessions Band is a joyful array of talent traveling from The Netherlands to make music, friends, and history in New York City. The six-piece band finds inspiration in the traditional and the contemporaty, the local and the global, delivering songs and jams that groove confidently with rock, pop, jazz, and rhythm and blues. Raising the stakes for their Bronx debut, Islemunda have also challenged three of our best NY Latin musicians AND a Brooklyn choir to join them on stage! IT’S GOING DOWN!

Featuring: Stanley A. Clementina (bandleader), Wendy Hoogendijk (singer), Eric Guinee (guitar), Neda Boin (singer), Brian Kruit (bass), Marlon Pichel (drums). With: Desmar Guevara (piano), Nicky Laboy (percussion), Álvaro Benavides (bass), Urban Choir Project. Creative producers: Arno Brouwer and Alvan Colón Lespier.

The band is named after the dynamic Islemunda arts center in South Rotterdam, a home for young makers and entrepreneurs who champion diversity and inclusion, and share a bold vision of a better tomorrow. Islemunda bridges genres, languages, and geographies to bring people together in arts and culture. This week’s extraordinary musical residency marks the start of a new chapter in transatlantic exchange and collaboration between South Rotterdam and the South Bronx — join us for this one-of-a-kind experience!

La extraordinaria residencia musical de esta semana marca el comienzo de un nuevo capítulo en el intercambio y la colaboración entre el sur de Rotterdam y el sur del Bronx. ¡NO TE LO PIERDAS! • De buitengewone muzikale residentie van deze week markeert de start van een nieuw hoofdstuk in uitwisseling en samenwerking tussen Zuid-Rotterdam en de South Bronx. MIS HET NIET! 


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Stanley Alejandro Clementina is a independent recording artist making his mark within the music industry for over 20 years. Having mastered four musical instruments and his own unique sound, this music man may be classified as the product of a mix between the sounds of Ed Sheeran and Johnny Cash. He’s performed on world stages and collaborated with groundbreaking artists. Stanley has turned his passion for music into a mission to show that music is love, and love, should be spread all over the world! His success and growth over the years has lead him to bloom into his own sound and format, an inviting combination of Reggae/Soul influenced vocals accompanied by Country acoustic guitar. A singer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocal coach, the foundation for his musical career was laid on the Caribbean island of Curacao where Stanley was born. Drum kit at the age of 4, playing guitar at the age of 9 and a hit Gospel single at the age of 10, yes, music has truly been a bloodline. This vibrant Caribbean man is inspired by the legendary Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Sting, and Ed Sheeran.

Marlon Pichel is a talented musician with roots in Rotterdam. He plays in the award winning band Bourbon Avenue. They play raw music from the heart, inspired by unforgettable greats such as Otis Redding, The Eagles, The Allman Brothers, The Beatles, and the sounds of the golden 60’s and 70’s. This creates a musical blend of soulful rock’n’roll music with a touch of Westcoast. In 2018, The Boston Recordings EP was released in Islemunda, for which the band made a trip to the USA to start the creative process close to the source of their favorite music. Marlon has played various festivals including the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam.

Brian Kruit graduated from the Rotterdam Conservatory. Since then he teaches with great pleasure and success within his own private practice All Guitars. The practice has about 35 guitar and bass guitar students. Characteristic of the practice is the highly individual approach of the teacher. In addition to teaching, Brian is active as a performing musician and plays in the award winning band Bourbon Avenue, and in world touring cover bands Company Live, That Soul, and Bootleg Doors.

Neda Boin discovered her musical talent at a young age.When she was five years old, she began, just like her mother who is a professional violin player, with playing the violin. However, singing was always her first love. When she turned 10 years old, she was finally old enough to start with singing lessons. Around the age of 13 she learned to play the piano and developed a way to express herself by writing her own songs. In 2006 she won a national music contest with one of the first songs that she wrote. From then on, Neda started doing a lot of performances in the Netherlands. In 2013 Neda won both the audience and the jury price of the Music Matters Awards. Shortly after, she released her first EP, When Lambs Become Lions. In 2015 Neda convinced all four coaches of The Voice of Holland to turn their chairs around for her and she made it all the way to the last eight contestants. Last year she released her first album The Light Has Come on Islemunda. Three months later it won the Best Album of the Year Award at the Rotterdam Music Awards 2018. Read more about Neda and her Free Bronx Piano Sundays concert on March 24 at 3pm!

Wendy Hoogendijk is a Rotterdam theatremaker, actress and singer. In 2004, Wendy followed the preparatory course at the Artsschool. Subsequently she started the music theater program at the Rotterdam Conservatoire. After having played for at theatre group Rotterdams Lef, she started directing education of the Toneelschool Maastricht where she graduated in 2012. The following year she made the musical cabaret show About Men. This performance earned her a semi-final place in that same year at the Cabaret festival. Some words from the jury report: “A temperamental lady, energetic, textually interesting and pleasant singing voice”. After this tour she now plays her second solo performance RadioStilte (Radio Silence). In addition, she recorded her first album. She also plays in various productions such as Always I Will Love You, a homage to Dutch cabaret legend Toon Hermans, and she does Roundtrip Rotterdam, a playful city tour and theater performance in a moving bus.

Eric Guinee is one of the most talented blues guitarist of Rotterdam. From an early age he has been inspired by blues music. His great example is blues legend Stevie Ray Vaughan. Eric is currently studying at the conservatory. Eric is characterized by his brilliant guitar solos. He has his own band, Temporary Roads. He also has his own music school in Islemunda, where he teaches guitar and drums to people from the neighborhood.

Arno Brouwer is creative producer at Islemunda Rotterdam. He has worked at various cultural institutions. For 10 years he worked at the Community Arts company Rotterdams Wijktheater, where he worked on several productions with highlights such as the theatre performance 100 Years Feyenoord. A theatrical performance with more than 100 actors about the football club Feyenoord Rotterdam. Arno also worked at the International Community Arts Festivals (ICAF) since 2000. He is the manager of a number of different artists in Rotterdam and organize various concerts and is the driving force behind The Islemunda Sessions Band.


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575 Walton Avenue
(b/w 149 & 150 Streets)
The Bronx, NY 10451

Subway #2, 4, 5 to 149 Street & Grand Concourse
We’re just one short block away from the station!

For more information call us at 718-585-1202.

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March Is Music 2019

  • Location

    at Pregones in THE BRONX

  • Curated by

    Alvan Colón Lespier & Desmar Guevara

  • Featuring

    Stanley Clementina
    Wendy Hoogendijk
    Eric Guinee
    Neda Boin
    Brian Kruit
    Marlon Pichel
    Desmar Guevara
    Nicky Laboy
    Álvaro Benavides
    Urban Choir Project

Pregones/PRTT proudly partners with the artists of Islemunda in Holland, to present a one-of-a-kind international exchange and concert experience: South Bronx Meets South Rotterdam! Home-grown talent from either side of the Atlantic celebrate the uniqueness and universality of their musical cultures. Featuring Marlon Pichel (Bourbon Avenue), Stanley Clementina, Brian Kruit, Neda Boin, Wendy Hoogendijk, Eric Guinee, Desmar Guevara, Nicky Laboy, Álvaro Benavides. Arno Brouwer and Alvan Colón Lespier, producers. Global jazz blues fusion with plenty of soul!  — Strictly limited seating, buy early!