Each year for the past 37 years, the end of our theater season coincides with Pregones Theater’s birthday.

Thirty seven years ago (1979) three friends reached across a dining room table and shook hands to seal our agreement. “Are we now a theater company?” we asked, staring at each other. “We are”—I can’t remember who said what—but it doesn’t matter. Our handshake said it all. And Pregones Theater was born. We were not alone. We never have been. Actors, writers, directors and arts supporters helped us seed our future. The next round of artists who joined our ranks throughout the 80’s consolidated our presence in New York City and within a vast theater family. The details belong to a larger story.


The Season that is about to close saw the merged programming of Pregones Theater and the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater. Who could have predicted that the handshake across the table would lead us to a merger with one of the theaters that most inspired us during our formative years!

The 2016-17 Season that is about to begin marks Pregones’ 38th and the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater’s 49th. Our PLATAFORMA: Bronx-Broadway Showcase for Latino Theater has anchored our season with a broad menu. No doubt we have reason to celebrate, starting with our BLOCK PARTY on July 30th. The Season will shed a spotlight on Puerto Rican / Niuyorican voices, and on new global adventures for our two venues.

Highlights of Pregones + Puerto Rican Traveling Theater’s Upcoming Season

Created in collaboration with the amazing team who produced ¿Quién Mató a Héctor Lavoe?

Guest Artists Gil René + En Equipo – Based on stories by Luis Negrón -Directly from Puerto Rico.

A brand new take of our classic El Bolero Fué Mi Ruina, directed by Jorge B. Merced.

21 ISLANDS Festival of Shorts
International showcase of films from 21 islands from around the world
In collaboration with CINEFIESTA, Puerto Rico.

A Fall and Spring peek at new works in development by Pregones Ensemble; the ultimate teasers by company members.

Nine world class concerts featuring local, national and international music ensembles.

This Season’s inaugural exhibit: LAS CASITAS by photographer Felipe García.

Partnerships with local, national and international Teaching Artists, including R.Evolución Latina, will launch new initiatives for our Raul Julia Training Unit and our Playwrights Unit. Seniors In Motion and Forum Theater will complete our amazing menu of educational/training opportunities.



Artists Space At Pregones (ASAP) will feature the work of these formidable artists.

Year round gathering of neighbors and neighborhoods, community artists and activists gather to meet, share and create inside the theater and in our Garden.

A weeklong collaboration with Teatro Circulo and Verónica Caicedo, featuring new works by a diverse roster of playwrights and performers.

BETSY! on Tour
The touring concert version of our Bronx/Appalachia hit show is in the works!

We will continue to unveil amazing events in the days to come. Check out our website often. Join us! Become a Member, Volunteer and/or Donor.


  1. Tremendous diversity of arts and talents look forward with lots of excitement to show up at these events and become more involved. Also to contribute by donatIng when possible.

    • Gracias William. We are honored by your words and look forward to continuing to make you a proud supporter!

  2. Muy buen trabajo colectivo de teatro popular./Me acuerdo cuando empezaron y si estoy correcto fue en el barrio.116street. y uno de los fundadores cual no me acuerdo de su nombre fue voluntario para ensenar clases de macrame a los ancianos que recidian en unos de los edificios dela organizacion “116 street block associacion .cual yo trabaje como asistente de planificacion hurbana,Luego me acuerdo de los dias en la iglecia de ST Ann con la lucha que dirigio el padre Luis Barrios hasta llegar a nuestro bello teatro y casa permanente en la avenida. Walton. Me siento muy orgulloso de que tengamos El teatro pregones pionero de nuestro teatro popular en la diaspora puertoriquena .Saludos de su fiel miembros y amigos Luis Y Evelyn Alicea.

    • Muchas gracias Luis y Evelyn! Siempre es un placer escucharlos y saber que seguimos tan cerca de sus corazones. Un super abrazote de parte de toda la familia de Pregones Teatro Rodante Puertorriqueño!

  3. Hola y saludos from Nueva Inglaterra. Great line up! Any plans to offer videos of previous shows online? Getting them subtitled could broaden your audience. Hay quiens no entienden el contexto cultural but could benefit by having a written version of the text they are seeing en escena, [dare i say it] y guglear o traducir the text online.

    los extraño … ROR

  4. I just saw I like It Like That on Saturday night. What can I say but Amazing Amazing Amazing. The musical hit the spot it had my emotions running all over the place. Bringing back so many memories. i could not control my emotions. I laugh I was teary eyed I sang I just loved it. When a show such as this make everyone in the audienece get involved nad feel like they are a part of the musical you know you hit the mark. The music was great it had everyone singing along. To the gentlemen Ruben Rivera it did have translations on the back screen and it was very clear as my girlfriend who was in attendance with me was reading the screeen throughout the show throughout the show and thought it was wonderful. 2 Thumps Up Puerto Rican traveling Theater. God Bless and you’ll always have my support. One of the few places that I feel proud to say that is ours.

    Henry Rosario
    Nicole Parent

  5. Just saw the awsome show I like it like that, thumbs up all around what a fantastic show and cast I enjoyed the music and story line took me back to the days and made me feel proud to be Puerto Rican can’t wait to return might even be back to watch the same show. Great job by all of you!!!

    • Thank you Eddie! Glad you enjoyed the show! We have a great line-up of events both in our Manhattan venue and Bronx venue. Next up is our 21 Islands International Short Film Festival, December 9-11.
      And if you want to see I Like It Like That again, remember that starting December 1st, the one and only Domingo Quiñones is scheduled to take over the lead role of Roberto. So we do hope to see you back!

    • Yes, Tito Nieves is scheduled to appear in all performances until November 30, 2016. The great Domingo Quiñones is scheduled to take over the lead from December 1st, 2016 onwards.

  6. Ok… my wife and I went to see I Like it like that, of course, we went to support our cousin, Tito Nieves, but I will tell you this, yes, we love our cousin, and I must admit the cast of singers/dancers/actors were just AMAZING.. wonderful singers, including Angel Lopez, wow… him and several other powerhouses in the cast, I seen several broadway musicals and I have my favorites, but “I Like It Like That”… will ever remain in my heart, to revive the music and milieu of the 1970s, well… I was in tears, not from the laughter in the musical, and there is good humor, but from the surging memories that kept coming up every time I heard a “Dios mio” or a “carajo”… I literally had tears of joy. I told my cousin after his performance how outstanding it was, and told him it brought me to tears, I think he thought tears of laughter, but it was really tears of joy. While the venue was small and tight… after the first 1 minute into the musical, I forgot where I was … I was home again. Gracias to the Puerto Rican Theater for hosting this wonderful production and thanks and mil gracias to the amazing and wonderful cast and crew for such an amazing production in the heart of the theater district, and in the heart of the city that I still love. And thanks to my cousin Tito… yeah Cuz… you got chops! Love it. And the musicians ROCK! La Salsa vive!

    • Gracias Roberto!
      We are honored you felt so welcomed at our home and we are most humbled by your inspiring words. We too are very proud of the way our audiences have adopted I LIKE IT LIKE THAT as part of their family. And what can we say about Tito… a heart as big and generous as his incredible voice; what a joy to see him share the stage with such an amazing talented cast! Thank you from all of us at Pregones Puerto Rican Traveling Theater! Esperamos vuelvan pronto.

  7. I just to my wife for our 39th wedding anniversary this pass Friday 18th 2016 to see I LIKE IT LIKE THAT. It was great a show WOW. My Son-Law is about to see the show with his parents and brothers and sisters this coming Saturday 26, 2016.

    • Thank you David for reaching out. We are thrilled that you enjoyed the show. Please note that the great Domingo Quiñones will take over the lead starting on December 1, 2016; so come back to see it again and/or let your friends know that the show has been extended. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the other events happening at our boogie down Bronx venue, including the 21 Islands Short Film Fest and the 48 Hours in…El Bronx short play festival. Un abrazo.

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