Friday, March 29, 2019 @ 8PM

Directly from Puerto Rico

Songs of desolation, rebirth, and evolution after Hurricane María!

Alegría Rampante is the lovechild of queer icon Eduardo Alegría, “one of the architects of Puerto Rico’s contemporary indie music scene” (Bandcamp Daily), and a bright lineup of musical artists currently including: Nitayno Arayoán (drums), Juan Antonio Arroyo(bass), Kristian Prieto/Harry Rag (guitar), and William Jorell Román (guitar).

For their March Is Music debut in The Bronx, the band will perform Música de Antes, Vols. 1 & 2, in response to the experience of disaster, post-hurricane capitalism, and humanity rising! Biting good humor, brazen emotion, and bombastic rock flourishes guarantee a true night to remember! A featured presentation of Pregones/PRTT’s #MásPorPuertoRico.

Deploying the band’s full sound spectrum and theatrical sensibilities, Música de Antes takes us on a panoramic survey of the fabled Isla del Encanto (Island of Enchantment) today. Vol. 1 details the island’s sociopolitical landscape in all its strangeness, and Vol. 2 charts the depths of personal experience for those who resist and persist.

Alegría Rampante released their critically-acclaimed first record, Se Nos Fue La Mano, in November of 2015. Puerto Rico Indie called it “an arsenal of melodic earworms,” said of the band that it was “Latin Alternative’s best kept secret,” and made it a choice pick for the international Music Alliance Pact. A consummate live act, Alegría Rampante’s annual Jolgorio Flash Deluxe bash in Santurce is legendary. The artists are cooking a stellar second full-length anticipated for 2020.

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ALEGRÍA RAMPANTE: Música de AntesVols. 1 y 2

In Música de Antes, the Puerto Rican post-pop outfit, led by Puerto Rican queer indie icon Eduardo Alegría, will be deploying their full sound spectrum in this highly theatrical concert that deals with the disaster area that the island has become in the grasp of disaster capitalism post hurricane Maria.

Songs about desolation, rebirth, and evolution, delivered with the humor and theatricality that Alegría is known for, will take the listener and watchers through a long panoramic ride through the sociopolitical and psychic landscape of colonial Puerto Rico. The show will be divided in two sets, dealing with different themes each. The first one is more about the political panorama, and the second will focus on the intimate experience.

Alegría Rampante released their first album, Se Nos Fue La Mano, in November of 2015, and are currently releasing new songs that will be part of their next full-length record.

Photo by Uziel Orlandi Alegría courtesy of the artists.

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575 Walton Avenue
(b/w 149 & 150 Streets)
The Bronx, NY 10451

Subway #2, 4, 5 to 149 Street & Grand Concourse
We’re just one short block away from the station!

For more information call us at 718-585-1202.

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March Is Music 2019

  • Location

    at Pregones in THE BRONX

  • Curated by

    Alvan Colón Lespier & Desmar Guevara

  • Featuring

    Eduardo Alegría