Solidarity is a life value and a life practice. Pregones / Puerto Rican Traveling Theater joins thousands of diverse voices rising against the ongoing abuse of power and racial injustices resulting in the assassinations of George Floyd, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and Mubarak Soulemane. Tragically, they are only some of the many African American lives erased and lost in escalated confrontation with racist civilians and figures of authority in the United States. Many members of our Latinx community know the risks, dangers, and fears involved in simply being ourselves. And for that reason, we need and welcome the chance to join forces in any and all ways possible.

As a Latinx theater company and multi-heritage arts presenter we cherish our very long history of friendship and collaboration with Black peers across the country and in New York. We have co-created new and original works, traveled to and from our respective cities, shared stages in unique and provoking ways. We have traded stories of sameness and difference, often both things at once, and joined hands in pursuing positive social change. A kinship built over many years contributes to our notions of playmaking and place-keeping, strengthening our respective capacities to raise relevant and vital arts institutions against all odds. When digging into our own history as a theater founded and led by Puerto Rican artists, we are specially blessed to count on the radical contributions of many of our Black Puerto Rican sisters and brothers—great feats we don’t hesitate to give center stage in our repertory.

Today, Pregones/PRTT commits once more to continue living and practicing our work in alignment with our best values. We stand in solidarity with African American communities across the United States, and with protesters from all walks of life, strengthening our ties, connecting our souls and demanding JUSTICE.

On behalf of PregonesPRTT’s Ensemble, Staff and Board of Directors,

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