Revenue Split

If rental includes a public performance, the following applies:

  1. Renter may charge admission and keep box office revenue, and sales from all production related goods (CD’s, T-shirts, etc.)
  2. Pregones PRTT keeps Bar stand revenues.

Renter must abide by the rules specified in the section House Rules of this document.

House Rules

Pregones PRTT provides a healthy and safe environment to all its patrons and performing artists. Our facilities adhere to all NYC Fire Department and NYC Department of Buildings rules and regulations for places of assembly. We pride ourselves in maintaining model facilities that are not only healthy and safe, but also clean, welcoming and friendly.

The theater is an active workplace with all the equipment needed to assemble and run performances on or around the stage. It is very important to watch where you are going and always ask for assistance. When in doubt, our production staff will gladly help you.

According to NYC Department of Buildings and NYC Fire Department:

  1. theater occupancy must not exceed 151 persons (Bronx), 204 persons (Manhattan).
  2. stage area occupancy must not exceed 20 persons.

Space use rules and regulations:

  1. Smoking is prohibited throughout the building
  2. Food and drinks, except water, are not allowed in the theater.
  3. Theater, lobby and dressing rooms must be restored to good order after each activity.
  4. Furnishings are not to be moved without the prior consent of production staff and, if approved, must be restored at end of an activity.
  5. Please use trash bins in lobby, restrooms, dressing rooms and hallway to dispose of garbage. Please do not throw containers containing liquids in the bins.
  6. The lobby will be open to the public during regular office hours when an exhibit is up.
  7. Visiting artists and technicians are not allowed in workshop areas, box office, or technical booth unless authorized by Pregones’ staff.
  8. Do not move equipment or handle tools unless authorized by our production staff.
  9. Keep all aisles, entries/exits and doors clear of obstructions.
  10. Do not block access to fire extinguishers.
  11. Consult with our production staff before using electrical equipment and/or tools.
  12. Our production staff work 4-hour shifts with optional 15 min. break after the first 2 hours, and a 40 min. lunch break after the first shift.
  13. If there is a third shift, there will be a 40 min. dinner break from 6:20PM to 7:00PM.
  14. All work on stage stops during breaks.
  15. All evening performances, unless indicated otherwise, are at 8:00PM and Sundays at 3:00PM.
  16. The theater is open to the public on performance days 90 minutes before curtain and house opens 30 minutes before curtain.