ALEJANDRA RAMOS is a playwright, actress, director and producer. Holds a B.A in Dance and Theater, from University of Puerto Rico, and a M.A. in Scenic Arts from the University of Murcia, Spain. Co founder and Artistic Director of Teatro la azotea, Inc. Published work includes her book “En la azotea, 10 piezas cortas de teatro” (Ed. Callejón 2016), and her play “En Blanco” as part of “Puerto Rico Off: Teatro y Performance Fronterizos” (Miami: Ed. Hypermedia, 2020). Former Playwriting Professor at the University of Puerto Rico (2017). Director of equity showcase “Agua, Vida y Tierra” (MITU 360, BK, NY). Step-Up Artist in Residence at Pregones/PRTT with her play “Broken Words” (2018). Patricia in the feature film “Angelfish” (2019). Playwright and co-director of “A Taste of Loving Sea” (Fuerza Fest 2019). Playwright and actress at “En Construcción, New Works Latin American Writers”, produced by Poets & Writers, Inc.(The Astoria Bookshop 2019).