December 11-13, 2015
Friday and Saturday @ 8pm
Matinee Sunday @ 3pm

Teatro Campesino comes to our stage!

Directly from CALIFORNIA, the acclaimed folks of Teatro Campesino bring us one of their most recent productions.

A feature event of PregonesPRTT’s
PLATAFORMA project – The Bronx-Broadway Showcase for Latino Theater.

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What happens to a town when promises from Big Business are broken? Find out with La Esquinita, USA – a story of love, forgiveness and ultimate redemption.

La Esquinita, USA is a new solo piece by critically acclaimed writer/performer Rubén C. González, one of the principal members of Teatro Campesino. It is the latest installment of the Mad Mexican’s solo performances by González. This time around he is not so mad and the world is better for it. Now, the ZEN Mexican takes us on a passage through a once booming town La Esquinita, USA but now forgotten like so many others.

This story is told by the omniscient narrator LENCHO and experienced through the eyes of 18 year old DANIEL, a young man who is at the peek of his Crystal Meth high, while standing at the threshold between light and darkness. The main source of employment, The Thompson Tire Factory has gone to China leaving the town’s infrastructure in disarray.

False idols of hope are the only source of relief and the citizens of this dilapidated town are left scavenging for what little remains.

“Gonzalez, a mercurial silver haired writer/actor slid effortlessly between portrayals of multiple denizens of a fictitious American city… [his] performance was first-rank in a poetical two act play…” – Steven Leigh Morris • American Theatre Magazine.


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About El Teatro Campesino
El Teatro Campesino (farmworkers’ theater), is a theatrical troupe founded in 1965 as the cultural arm of the United Farm Workers with the “full support of Cesar Chavez.” The original actors were all farmworkers, and El Teatro Campesino enacted events inspired by the lives of their audience. Early performances were on flat bed trucks in the middle of the fields in Delano, California, and the theater is now located in San Juan Bautista, California.

THE MAD MEXICAN is a writer/performer/educator whose solo work spawns dialogue and an alternative way of looking at the purpose of performance and the written word since 1998. Mr. González has been sharing his powerful original solo productions at universities, theaters and cultural centers throughout the United States and Poland.

Kinan Valdez (DIRECTOR) currently serving as Producing Artistic Director of El Teatro Campesino, he made his professional directorial debut in 1994 when he co-directed ETC’s biennial Christmas production, LA VIRGEN DEL TEPEYAC. His style has left an indelible mark on ETC’s productions ever since. At ETC’s playhouse, he has directed Luis Valdez’ SOLDADO RAZO, Alfred Jarry’s UBU ROI, marking the 100th year of the original staging, Antonin Artaud’s THE CENCI and Luis Valdez’ EL FIN DEL MUNDO and THE SHRUNKEN HEAD OF PANCHO VILLA. All have earned him credit as a bold, creative, highly imaginative young director. Kinan is also a film director/writer and member of Chicanos on the Run.

Anahuac Valdez (SOUND DESIGNER) began acting at the age of five in El Teatro Campesino’s production of LA PASTORELA. At the age of 16 he acted in CBS’ television pilot, FORT FIGUEROA. In 1989, Valdez recreated the title role of “Mundo” in ETC’s Young Performers Ensemble production of EL FIN DEL MUNDO. He cofounded comedy troupe, The Alter Boys which garnered critical acclaim for their show, PRAYING FOR LAUGHTER. Anahuac has starred in many ETC productions, which include: SOLDADO RAZO, UBU ROI, THE CENCI and FIN DEL MUNDO. Anahuac’s other credits include Lighting Designer, Producer, Cinematographer, Videographer and Video Editor. In 1994, he cofounded Chicanos on the Run, an independent film company, where he co-produced and edited BALLAD OF A SOLDIER, a 16mm independent film.

RUBÉN C. GONZÁLEZ (PLAYWRIGHT/ACTOR/PRODUCER) RUBEN C. GONZALEZ received his training at the London Academy for Performing Arts, Circle in the Square Theatre School and holds an MFA from UC DAVIS. His directing credits include, ALISO in WORKER LAND, PILGRIMAGE, THE THROW DOWN, ALIENATION and CHRONICLES OF ODISIA SANCHEZ among others. As an actor, he’s performed at THE MARK TAPER FORUM, SOUTH COAST REP., EL TEATRO CAMPESINO, TEATRO VISION, THE PASADENA PLAYHOUSE, INTAR, LINCOLN CENTER INSTITUTE, HB STUDIOS, PRIMARY STAGES and THE KENNEDY CENTER among others. Gonzalez has also performed his two previous critically acclaimed show’s, DIARY OF A MAD MEXICAN and THE MESSIAH COMPLEX all over the US and POLAND. His t.v. credits include MEDIUM, VERONICA MARS, THE MINOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF JACKIE WOODMAN and AIR AMERICA. On the big screen, his credits include SELENA, IT’s PAT, SUCKERS, PERFECT GAME, THE MASTER, FOODSTAMPS and in the critically acclaimed, LA MISSION starring Benjamin Bratt. Recently he helmed his first independent feature, OSCAR which he also penned and played the title role. .


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“La Esquinita, USA and its people spring from the flowing imagination of supremely gifted writer/actor/director Ruben C. Gonzalez. In a fascinating solo performance, Mr. Gonzalez presents the interlocking stories of ten characters, moving seamlessly from one to the next in cinematic clarity.” – Paul Myrvold • Out and About Magazine

“Gonzalez’ piece focuses squarely on what the economy has done to the soul, As Lencho so eloquently states, “People’s worth is determined by their debt.” The soul of the characters is the heartbeat of the piece. Much like John Leguizamo in the Tony Award nominated “Freak” in 1998, Anna Deveare Smith in the early 1990’s, or more recently, one-man show virtuoso Danny Hoch at Berkeley Rep in 2008, Gonzalez filled the space at the ETC playhouse with characters that are hilarious, memorable and heartbreaking…Gonzalez is one of the most critical voices going in the Bay Area. He is a first responder to the emergency of our souls, and does not provide us with an easy out. He just asks questions, as evidenced by the ending of the show. What will Daniel do? Has he realized yet that if he hurts someone, he hurts himself? Is there hope?
 Gonzalez asked the questions. Now it’s time for us to come up with the answers.” – David Chavez •

“Gonzalez’s adeptness at lightning-fast transitions from one character to another, never losing a beat or dropping a line or the story’s thread, and inhabiting each character with a full stage role’s dedication, is a marvel to behold. He keeps his audience enchanted and eager to know where the journey leads, who might emerge next.”– Alexandra Bonifield • Theatre Jones, Dallas

“His energy is amazing as Gonzalez voices anger, desperation, love, and hope through a cast of complex characters…We laughed at the comic caricatures, but Ruben did not let us off that easily. His characters unfold, revealing personal histories and clashing views. And so we wonder what we would be like had we lived those lives.” —M. F. Aznar • E.D. of Knowledge Context

“La Esquinita, USA invites audiences to understand the aftermath of trickle down reaganomics and bullshit in a compelling and sophisticated way. It’s refreshing to watch a one-man show that carries political weight and simultaneously connects us to the lives of believable characters that we, as a society and individuals, systematically choose to avoid. Ruben C. Gonzalez is clearly a craftsman in his field. —Suzie Lundy Ph.D, Dir. Of Development • La Pena Cultural Center

“Incredible show! What a special and precious gift this piece is! I’m glad I was there to also witness your Q&A with the two student groups. Clearly you are making an impact —Barbara Graham • Gavilan T.V.

“…Rubén C. González tackles the complex debate of survival vs. humanity with style, warmth, and charisma. I was deeply touched and awakened by Gonzalez’s performance. This is a must-see for today’s youth.” – Michelle Valentine