From our earliest beginnings as itinerant performers, through years of focused activity devoted to establishing brick and mortar theaters in The Bronx and Manhattan, down to present day web and cable television broadcasts, Pregones/PRTT always draws its energy from the live current that connects artists and audiences.

This unrelenting spark animates a robust multi-generational legacy. At any given time, the fruits of our labor include numerous plays and musicals at various stages of development, dozens of national and international engagements, and countless hours of creative exchange and collaboration. Through it all, there is an abundance of ideas and laughter and awe—and the exhilarating sense that we’re a family building something really important together.

We are ever grateful to the lovers of live theater, music, and dance who give generously within their means, powering this work on our New York stages and beyond.

And just as the honing of our craft and of our instruments takes years of dedication, we must continually reinvest in our creative practice and organizational infrastructure. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce the formation of Primera Fila | Front Row, the first ever monthly sustaining donor program at Pregones/PRTT.

Consistent support from this collective of monthly donors will help Pregones/PRTT stay bold and joyous. This important new investment will allow us to:

  • Incubate and develop more new works
  • Embrace innovation and strategic risks
  • Strengthen core organizational capacities
  • Overcome all kind of external challenges

Starting at just $25/month, we invite you to be in on the action — enjoying benefits and access every time you join us, on-site or online. You can learn more about Primera Fila benefits and levels HERE.

We invite you to join as a founding member of Primera Fila today. As an added benefit for anyone who is able to join before September 1, we will be announcing a virtual launch event — a chance to connect personally and raise our glasses together in anticipation of our next big plans! Join today for date and details of this happening.

If you have questions about Primera Fila or would like to discuss custom benefits, please contact Managing Director Arnaldo J. López, [email protected]

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