October 7, 2017 

The Harlem Hellfighters On A Latin Beat!

Centenary Celebration!

Join us for a jazz-rag-danza concert celebrating 100 years of the 369th Infantry & its epic Regimental Band, including sixteen eminent Puerto Ricans!

Based on our popular musical by the same name, first premiered in 2010.

Performed in Spanish & English with Titles!


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About the production

From James Reese Europe to Rafael Hernández, the Harlem Hellfighters’ extraordinary valor and musicianship made the 369th Infantry the most celebrated regiment of the First World War era.

Our production is inspired by the story of sixteen Puerto Rican musicians recruited to join the all-black regiment of the 369th Infantry.

The action takes place on the haunted stage of a once-glamorous concert hall, where the nighttime custodian is fond of whipping musical ghosts into a frenzy. With loving precision he lures them out of the folds of sheer curtains, from behind ornately papered walls, and through the decaying silver of mirrors.

A motley and multicolor crew, they tumble on stage, trailing a marvelous ruckus of ragtime jazz, military bugle calls, and Latin rhythm. Among them are legends James Reese Europe and Rafael Hernández – two musical giants of the 20th Century – always eager to relive the adventures that brought them together in the fabled summer of 1917.

U.S. Army Lieutenant Europe —whose dream was to assemble an all-black symphony orchestra— had traveled to Puerto Rico to enlist musicians in what would in fact become one of the most celebrated regimental bands ever, credited even for taking the sounds of early jazz across the Atlantic. Marching in support of the Allied forces, the men of the 369th also brought with them an unmistakable Latin beat.

This is the story of the Harlem Hellfighters, pieced together by the ghosts of black and Puerto Rican men long gone but not forgotten. Music and story merge in special concert featuring an 8-piece band and members of the original cast.


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Pregones Theater
575 Walton Avenue
The Bronx, NY 10451

Located on Walton Avenue between 149th and 150th Streets in The Bronx.