COVID19 Visitor Safety Protocol

As of spring 2023, wearing face masks is optional. Your choice is respected. Other information for historic record only.


The health and safety of all visitors and staff remains a top priority for Pregones/Puerto Rican Traveling Theater (Pregones/PRTT) for the duration of the COVID19 pandemic. On-site safety measures are based on guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control, New York State, and/or New York City, and vetted in dialogue with sister arts organizations and members of the community.

As of June 21, 2022, we still require 100% vaccination against COVID19 for all visitors and staff (with exceptions for medical or religious reasons). Audiences are required to use masks during their visit. Performers presenting their work must also provide negative PCR tests results no older than 48 hours in order to perform at any of our stages. This policy supersedes all other mandates around coronavirus protocols. 

Until further notice, Pregones/PRTT’s policy is as follows:

  1. All visitors and staff must show proof of vaccination against COVID19 upon entry to our theaters. For public events, proof of vaccination and matching personal identification will be checked prior to entering any of our venues.  
  2. Acceptable documents of vaccination status: NYS Excelsior Pass,  NYC COVID Safe App, Physical CDC Vaccination Card, Physical NYC Vaccination Record, Physical proof of overseas vaccination. 
  3. A single shot of a two-dose vaccine is not acceptable. At least one Booster shot is also required. 
  4. The use of face masks is required, as are heightened hygiene practices around handwashing and sanitization. 
  5. Exemptions: Any individual subject to an exemption must show proof of a recent (no older than 48 hours) negative COVID19 test result in order to gain entry to Pregones/PRTT and must also keep their face mask and practice social distancing for duration of stay.   
    1. Medical exemptions are permitted, with proof in the form of a note from a licensed medical professional.   
    2. Children under 5 years are not required to be vaccinated.   
    3. Religious exemptions may be permitted upon review of compelling proof presented in dialogue or written form by the person seeking exemption.   
  6. Pregones/PRTT staff must be present to check proof of vaccination at entrance, and we reserve the right to deny entry to any person who does not present valid proof of vaccination or exemption.  
  7. Delivery people or short-term vendors do not need to show proof of vaccination for entry, but must remain fully masked. 
  8. Vendors who must perform tasks within the building (maintenance and repair contractors, piano tuners, etc.) must either show proof of vaccination or remain fully masked for the duration of stay. 
  9. Pregones/PRTT will continue to maintain CDC-recommended cleaning protocols for the building following all public and rental events.