Wednesday, September 6, 2023 at 9:30 PM

Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Shorts

Bronx Film Wednesdays – Independent films you will love.

This September, BxFW collects standout Hispanic/Latinx Heritage short films by international directors:

  • IRON SKELETON. Director: Eliana Del Rosario. 2021. Dominican Republic. 4:04 min. “Skeleton of Iron” is an experimental short film that portrays the filmmaker’s migratory process (with all its burdens, pains, reflections, etc.) to Brazil suffering from a disease and with an eternal saudade for all my loved ones.
  • NOSTOS ALGOS. Director: Juan Diego De León. 2021. Dominican Republic. 14 min. Going through his memories, Adrian faces a series of feelings and family difficulties linked to the lack of support he receives throughout his life from his father, towards his choice to be a theater actor.
  • EL ZURDO. Director: Alberto Martin. 2018. Cuba. 15 min. El Zurdo, a young and talented boxer is expelled from the Boxing academy and is forced to explain to his grandfather, his first coach, and the only one who can make him return. On the way to the grandfather’s house, he gets involved in a fight, and, without knowing the people involved, defends a stranger. He keeps going in search of his grandfather, but can’t find him neither at home or at the bar where he works. And then, in a nearby bar, he is faced with tragedy.
  • WE’RE GOING TO PARIS. Director: David Norris. 2017. Puerto Rico. 8:39 min. An old married couple try to rob a bank so they can save their house, soon to be foreclosed. As they enter they are suddenly surprised, and the real reason for the robbery is revealed.
  • EL REGALO. Director: Joel Perez. 2017. Puerto Rico. 14 min. Amidst the mass exodus of Puerto Ricans to the US during the current financial crisis, a young mother with a shady past, does everything she can to stop her daughter from being sent to live to Orlando, Florida.
  • LUMINARIS. Director: Juan Pablo Zaramella. 2011. Argentina. 6 min. In a world controlled and timed by light, a common man has a plan that could change its destiny.
  • THANK YOU BIG BROTHER. Director: Erix Mercedes. 2021. Dominican Republic. 1 min. A big brother and a life lesson as they moving forward.

Program presented in English and Spanish with subtitles.

9:30 PM | Bronx Film Wednesdays Digital on BronxNet TV — Hosted by BronxNet’s Sonyi Lopez.


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Bronx Film Wednesdays (BxFW) screens new, little-seen, and standout indie films that you will love! Travel the world and open your mind to stories as wild and from as far as the imagination can go — romance, comedy, action, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, thriller, drama, music, sports, animation, documentary, and more! Carefully selected to illustrate cultural, aesthetic, and geographic diversity. This year, BxFW goes digital in partnership with BronxNet Community Television, bringing our monthly screenings online and to public access television!

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JUAN DIEGO DE LEÓN is a director and actor, known for Gaudens (2020) and Afonia de una ciudad, Santo Domingo (2021). He graduated from college on early 2021, and now is working as a Freelancer in 2 independent dominican filmhouses: Perro Blanco Films and Luar Productions.

ALBERTO MARTIN is a freelance filmmaker with a wide range of experiences. Cinematographer, Director, Editor: comfortable both in directing a crew and in being my own crew in solo mode with everything needed condensed in a backpack. His focus is on documentary storytelling: factual, stories and travel.

DAVID NORRIS has a Master’s degree in Mass Media Writing from Sagrado Corazón University and has distinguished himself as a screenwriter and movie director. For the past fifteen years, David has worked in various facets of the world of communications and his six short films have had a positive impact on the local film scene. He is currently working on the development of his first feature film.

JOEL PEREZ is a director, editor and writer. While studying comparative literature at the University of Puerto Rico, his interest in filmmaking started to grow; moving to study filmmaking in The London Film School, where he directed several short films-including “Sheepdog” shown in several international festivals, and winning the top prize in Cinefiesta, Puerto Rico’s top film festival.

JUAN PABLO ZARAMELLA is a director and writer, known for Luminaris (2011), Viaje a Marte (2005) and The Glove (2002).

ERIX MERCEDES is an accomplished Dominican film director from the Bronx with a true passion for storytelling through the medium of film and commercials. With a background as Senior Video Editing for ESPN documentaries, and experience as a commercial director for TVCs and social media campaigns, Erix has honed their skills in bringing stories to life through various mediums.

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Still frame of LUMINARIS by Juan Pablo Zaramella and trailer of WE’RE GOING TO PARIS by Joel Perez reproduced by courtesy of the directors.

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