Wednesday, June 7, 2023 at 9:30 PM

LGBTQIA+ Pride Month Shorts

Bronx Film Wednesdays – Independent films you will love.

This June, BxFW collects standout international short films by international directors:

  • AGUIRRE. Director: Eric Yamil Cruz, Sergio Daniel. 2021. Puerto Rico. 6:11 min. A performance in an old factory turns into a reminder of colonial oppression and exploitation.
  • CACOS. Director: João Brás. 2021. Madeira Island. 9:59 min. As a Portuguese family adapts to a different daily life when an irreversible situation occurs,re-defining their before-and-after and changing the direction of their lives.
  • MORE THAN 2. Director: Yen-Sheng Wu. 2020. Taiwan. 9:13 min. Two aliens come to Earth from a planet named Ocean to sneak into human society, observe, record and experience human life and culture. They gradually realize that there are some unwritten rules on this planet, such as gender stereotypes. After suffering all kinds of torture, they decide to leave the Earth and return to their home planet to find true freedom.
  • THE WARIA OF JAVA. Director: Anna Gonzalez. 2020. Indonesia. 13:09 min. Shinta Ratri is the founder of the world’s first and only Islamic school run by and for transgender women. Over a decade ago, Shinta opened Al-Fatah Pesantren in the Muslim city of Yogyakarta. Her goal: to offer fellow Waria* the opportunity to discuss and practice their Islamic faith in a communal space.*Indonesian transgender are known as waria, a term which is a combination of two Indonesian words: “wanita,” which means woman, and “pria,” which means man.
  • OLD HABITS. Director: Mary Musolino. 2020. Australia. 7:00 min. A beach-side change-room becomes a confessional for two sisters, who are forced to decide if they have the strength to endure their respective marriages or the courage to leave.
  • BEHIND CLOSED CURTAINS. Director: Hanna Jónsdóttir. 2017. Norway. 20 min. Sexuality, cross-dressing, bullying and secrets. But firs, this film is about identity. Three main characters deal with different battles in their lives, as their paths cross and all tackle the obstacles in their own way.
  • PASTRY. Director: Eduardo Barreto. 2016. UK. 11:44 min. A story about a sweet seduction. The fairy-tale begins when Caroline, a business woman, allows her desire for a doughnut to win over her months of dieting, actually a doomed diet, and so much more.

Program presented in English and Spanish with subtitles.

9:30 PM | Bronx Film Wednesdays Digital on BronxNet TV — Hosted by BronxNet’s Sonyi Lopez.


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Bronx Film Wednesdays (BxFW) screens new, little-seen, and standout indie films that you will love! Travel the world and open your mind to stories as wild and from as far as the imagination can go — romance, comedy, action, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, thriller, drama, music, sports, animation, documentary, and more! Carefully selected to illustrate cultural, aesthetic, and geographic diversity. This year, BxFW goes digital in partnership with BronxNet Community Television, bringing our monthly screenings online and to public access television!

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JOÃO BRÁS is an independent director and screenwriter. He finished his degree in New Communication Technologies at the University of Aveiro and is now attending a Masters in Cinematographic Studies at Lusófona University to acquire more knowledge in the cinematographic field.

ERIC YAMIL CRUZ is an Actor, singer, dancer and choreographer born in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico. He has worked a career of 13 years in the national and international theater scene. He has a bachelor’s degree from the UPR Department of Drama and an MFA in Acting from the University of Southern California School of Dramatic Arts. He is a physical actor trained under the tutelage of Jacqueline Duprey, Dean Zayas, Andrew Robinson, David Bridel, David Warshofsky, Natsuko Ohama, and Andrei Belgrader. She studied musical theater under the mentorship of Vicki Lewis (Broadway: Chicago, Anastasia) and Brett Ryback (Passing Through) and has worked in dance and physical theater under the direction of Viveca Vázquez, Stephanie Shroyer, Robert Curran, Jos Houben, Paola Rizza and Frederic Tellier.

SERGIO DANIEL is a dancer and choreographer born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He began his dance training at C.A.B.A., a School specialized in the arts where he belonged to the Ballet Folklorico de Puerto Rico. He has training in different dance genres such as Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Commercial Hip Hop and Jazz Technique. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management with a minor in Hospitality and Tourism.

MARY MUSOLINO is an Actor, Writer and Director living in Melbourne, Australia. She has worked both in front of and behind the camera on more than 30 short films. Mary has also featured as an actress in 3 feature films. OLD HABITS is her directorial debut.

EDUARDO BARRETO is a passionate and dedicated creative in the theatre and film industries, mainly working in Great Britain and occasionally in Portugal. He has worked as an actor professionally between 1988 and 1998, but after directing DANNY AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA at the Rosemary Branch Theatre, he decided to focus solely on his directing and writing career. He has a Masters in Screenwriting at UAL (1st Class Honours), a BA (Hons) in Film Practice (majored in Screenwriting) also at UAL, and studied for a Masters in Screenwriting at the London Film School.

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Still frame and trailer of CACOS by João Brás reproduced by courtesy of the director.

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