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Best LGBTQIA+ films from our 21ISFF

Bronx Film Wednesdays – LGBTQIA+ Independent films you will love.

The best in LGBTQIA+ shorts from our 21 Islands International Short Film Festival

SOL SOL – Canary Islands. 10 mins. Dir. Àlex ARROYO
Xavier is a menorquin teenager that doesn’t feel comfortable at home. When a catalan tourist visits the island he will try to solve his problems by exploring his sexuality, to grow up in the natural space of Sa Mesquida.
MORE THAN 2 – Taiwan. 9:13 mins. Dir. Yen Sheng, Wu
This film is about two aliens Robin and Ashley, who came to Earth as an alien biologist from a planet named Ocean, their purpose is to sneak into human society, observe, record and experience human life and culture. Originally everything was going well, but gradually Robin and Ashley began to realize that there are some unwritten rules on this planet, which are the regulations of life that human beings must obey (that is, gender stereotypes).
VERANICO – Madeira Island, Portugal. 14:37 mins. Dir. João Brás
It is a hot summer in August 2016. In this ephemeral sea of unforeseen events, passions, changes, voids, escapes and deceits, Rodrigo – between his personal discoveries and uncertainties about the future – is surprised by the outbreak of a set of fires in Madeira Island. What will happen to him if the wind shifts?
ITACA – Sardinia italy. 19:42 mins. Dir. Francesca Giuffrida
A young woman decides to return, after a long time, to a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea where she lived a great love story with a mysterious girl who haunts her dreams. By recalling the memories of the past and revisiting those places full of absence, she will have to overcome the pain that keeps her life suspended in limbo.
THE WARIA OF JAVA – Java, Indonesia. 13:09 mins. Dir. Ana González
Shinta Ratri is the founder of the world’s first and only Islamic school run by and for transgender women. Over a decade ago, Shinta opened Al-Fatah Pesantren in the Muslim city of Yogyakarta. Her goal: to offer fellow waria* the opportunity to discuss and practice their Islamic faith in a communal space. *Indonesian transgender are known as waria, a term which is a combination of two Indonesian words: “wanita,” which means woman, and “pria,” which means man.
EL BOLERO – Puerto Rico. 10 mins. Dir. Lynnie Feliciano Vélez
Lucy (transgender) and Delia (an inmigrant) work every night, one at the corner of the street and the other at the corner bar. Although they do not know each other, the tragedy of both will gather their lives towards a new friendship.
PASTRY – United Kingdom. 11:44 mins. Dir. Eduardo Barreto
This is a story about a sweet seduction. Our fairy-tale starts when Caroline, a business woman, allows her desire for a doughnut to win over her months of dieting. But the first doughnut leads to a doomed diet, and so much more.


Bronx Film Wednesdays – Independent films you will love.

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