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WATER WEARS ROCK by Álvaro Crespo

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Filmmaker Álvaro Crespo ‘s documentary WATER WEARS ROCK (Agua desgasta roca) tells the extraordinary story of Alberto, a climber who suffers from multiple sclerosis since he was 17 years old. Against his own limitations, his goal is to climb a mountain rising at over 8,000 feet: the formidable Naranjo de Bulnes in Asturias, Spain.

Alberto, 39 years old, is a mountaineer. He suffers from multiple sclerosis since he was 17 years old. Despite his own limitations and after having suffered multiple outbreaks, Alberto finds a way of life in sports, which will help him to improve himself day by day. Alberto has been training for more than two years in the sport of climbing to summit the NARANJO DE BULNES, one of the most famous for the Spanish and European mountaineering. Alberto’s main drive is his practice of sports. Not even multiple sclerosis, the disease attacking his central nervous system, can hold him back. Adrenaline is his best medicine as he gears up to conquer the highest peaks in Spain, including Naranjo de Bulnes at 8,264 feet. Alberto’s mission is to reach the summit and demonstrate that the human spirit is invincible, to inspire others coping with hardships. They too can accomplish great feats, with passion. Naranjo is Alberto’s most ambitious challenge in his favorite sport. He is ready to take viewers with him on the climb so that they can be witness to the incredible heights and be part of his journey.

“One needs to make the most out of each minute, because there is only one live to live. That is what I learned from multiple sclerosis.”

WATER WEARS ROCK. 2020. USA. 23 min. Spanish with English titles.

9:30 PM | Bronx Film Wednesdays Digital on BronxNet TV — Hosted by BronxNet’s Sonyi Lopez and featuring interview with filmmaker Álvaro Crespo.

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ÁLVARO CRESPO is a video producer from Madrid, Spain, currently living in New York City. He has over 7 years of experience specialized in providing a wide range of production services for film, documentary, short films, corporate material and TV. In addition to his experience in film, he has a solid education in the field of mass media, motion graphics, lighting, social media and digital marketing from institutions such as San Pablo – CEU University in Madrid and the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He has had the opportunity to work on social issue documentaries such as Ahora te toca a ti (Now It’s Your Turn), a documentary about a group of children in Birmania that improve their living conditions through the use of technology and, Nuevos Tiempos (New Times), a documentary about Kine and Aliou, two young Senegalese with the same dream: to create a family. Agua desgasta roca (Water Wears Rock)is his most recent documentary. It is the story about a professional climber who suffers from multiple sclerosis and whose biggest dream is to climb one of the highest peaks in Europe, El Naranjo de Bulnes.

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