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Friday, April 7, 2017 @ 8PM

Live filming of play written and performed by Rock WILK
Directed by reg e gaines

An angel named Queen tells the tale of Esther, Jamal and Saint; three kids who grow up together in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. This very special performance of Brooklyn Quartet will be filmed to be part of a movie, adapted from the theatrical script.

What is Brooklyn Quartet 2.0?

This is the second part of a three part journey, and we are filming this special, ONE NIGHT ONLY performance, directed by reg e gaines, not only for footage for a movie, but also for a television show, and we would love to have as much love in the house as possible, because the audience has been such an important and tangible contributing part of the development of Brooklyn Quartet, since it was born, just over four years ago, and will always be embedded deeply and spiritually in this work.  Brooklyn Quartet is, after all, intended as an offering to contribute to a greater good, for all of us, and so, we would be honored and privileged to have you come and be a part of this exciting evening of entertaining, meaningful and provocative theater, and thank you for that, and have a beautiful day, every day, and here’s to a better world, for all of us.

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“The idea of theater is to create magic. Possessing courage to allow an audience freedom to imagine is magic’s main ingredient. Brooklyn Quartet is one of those rare moments where magic and metaphor leap from the lips of characters too cool to be cliche, yet too true not to be believed.”- reg e gaines (Bring in ‘da Noise, Bring in ‘da Funk)

“I try to make art that disrupts things”- Rock WILK.

Brooklyn Quartet is a fictional tale that is bookmarked by the very real story of Sean Bell being shot to death in 2006 in an altercation with NYC Police officers. It is a story about 3 kids who grow up together in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, who become best friends; who love each other, and who eventually almost destroy one another, and is told by an angel named Queen. It is an exploration of how life treats each of them, both individually and collectively, over the course of 20 years, quite differently, simply because of who each of them are. Saint is black, Jamaal is white and Esther is Latina. The story is sprinkled with racism, sexism and white privilege, but mainly Brooklyn Quartet is a love story; a beautifully tragic love story.

Rock WILK’s play, now in its fourth year of development, continues to evolve, and is always shared with the intention of being an artistic piece that hopefully contributes to a greater good for all humankind, and to disrupt each audience with the most entertaining and intimately provocative experience, into a collective consideration of where we are as a society. To inspire each audience into meaningful, and constructive dialogue, not only with those close to them, but together, as a community. Which at its core, is what theater is all about. Bringing people together.

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Rock WILK (writer and performer) – Rock is an award winning and multi disciplinary artist and performer. He has had the opportunity to share his work all over the world. He recently appeared in his first feature film, Jamesy Boy, which stars James Woods, Mary Louise Parker and Ving Rhames. After a 6 year journey of readings, workshops and festivals all around the world, Rock’s first play, BROKE WIDE OPEN had its official debut in 2012, and enjoyed an Off Broadway run at The New Theatre at 45th Street, for almost 4 months. Rock has spent the last 3 years developing his new play, Brooklyn Quartet, which is being directed by reg e gaines (Bring in ‘da Noise, Bring in ‘da Funk).

David C Diaz (cinematographer/editor) has been obsessed with film since a very young age. Raised by his Cuban father And Argentinian mother, he was supported in both his passion for film and the culture of his family and his neighborhood in The Bronx, New York. Working freelance as both a director and cinematographer, he is currently touring a passion project “El Hijo Solo (The Only Son)” his first short film. He is also in pre-production on his first independent feature film.

reg e gaines (Director) is a Tony Award-nominated playwright and Grammy-nominated lyricist, Bring in da Noise/Bring in da Funk, a Heideman Award Finalist, The Beatles Killed Jazz, and winner of the 2003 Downtown Urban Theater Festival’s Best Play Award for Other Aspects. reg has four books of poetry including, The Original Buckwheat and Abstract Sax, and is editor of the 2015 poetry anthology, A Year In Ink, Vol. 8. This former Nuyorican Poets Café Grand Slam Champ has read his poems on, The Arsenio Hall Show, Jon Stewart Show, MTV’s Spoken Word Un-Plugged, Woodstock ’94, MSNBC’s Edgewise and Seasons Four/ Five of HBO’s Def Poetry. He was recently commissioned to write and direct Through the Looking Glass by Center Theatre Group, a project designed to create theater in underserved Los Angeles neighborhoods.



Advance Tickets start at $15

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Friday, April 7 @ 8:00 PM

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