Saturday March 12, 2016 @ 8PM

MARCH IS MUSIC 2016 series!

ABOUT The D.O.M.E. Experience

THE D.O.M.E. EXPERIENCE – Co-founded by bassist, vocalist, composer Mimi Jones, alongside jazz pianist, composer, educator ArcoIris Sandoval, D.O.M.E, or Dance Orchestration Media Environment, combines lush philharmonic jazz orchestra production, physical performance, and audiovisuals to create a consciousness-rich multi-sensory concert. D.O.M.E. lifts audiences into aesthetic reverie, environmental and social justice awareness, solidarity, and action! For more, click here to visit The D.O.M.E. Experience website.


ArcoIris Sandoval- Director/ Pianist/ Composer
Mimi Jones- Director/Bassist/ Composer
Miho Hazama- Conductor
Ali Bello- Violin
Frederika Krier- Violin
Barbora Valiuk- Violin
Maryam Blacksher- Viola
Clerida Eltimé- Cello
Jennifer Vincent- Contrabass
Dayna Stephens- Sax
Frank Fontaine- Sax
David Ashton-Woodwinds & Composer
Jamie Baum- Flute
Nikara Warren- Vibraphone
David Gilmore- Guitar
Camille Gainer Jones- Drums
Tim Vaughn- Trombone
Philip Dizack- Trumpet
Goussy  Célestin- Choreographer/Dance/Composer
Kristin D. Carpenter- Choreographer/ Dance
Special Guest: MC Yung Has

Tickets start at $15

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Pregones Theater
575 Walton Avenue,
The Bronx NY 10451