Staged Reading
Monday, November 16, 2015 at 8PM

Activism, connecting and making a difference!

A new play about American activism and Darfuri resilience. Written by Trevor Stankiewicz and directed by Rudy Gerson. Produced by Carsonic Productions and Photosynthesis Productions (Ithaca, NY)


The Darfur Compromised is a new play conceived and devised through a close study of the historical conflict and the international politics surrounding the Darfur region.

The play tells of Jackson and his mentor, Professor, who travel together through the history of American activism to end the Darfur genocide, featuring figures such as George W. Bush, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, and Secretary General Kofi Annan.

As Jackson learns more and more about the conflict, he is challenged to redefine himself and his beliefs to his girlfriend, his parents, and most importantly, himself.

Part-documentary theatre, part-interpretative fiction, and part-satire, The Darfur Compromised is entertaining and informative.

This collaboration between writer Trevor Stankiewicz and director Rudy Gerson results in a witty, thought-provoking, and powerful exploration.

The play is a theatrical look back at the events that led to the Darfur Genocide, an interrogation of the inaction of the present, and a call to arms regarding its future. Featuring scenes right out of history, it will help teach those who are unfamiliar with the tragedy as well as reinvigorate those who know it all too well.


Tickets start at $15*

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*50% of the evening’s proceeds will go towards Operation Broken Silence and their work doing supply runs to the Nuba Mountains region of Sudan. For more information visit their website at



The Darfur Compromised was originally conceived in the spring of 2015 as the keynote production of Cornell University’s Caceres-Neuffer Genocide Action Group’s Human Rights Month event. [Trevor] Stankiewicz and [Rudy] Gerson, who graduated from Cornell in May, worked closely with Sudanese scholar Ahmed Adam and Cornell professor John Hubbel Weiss, an authority on Darfur.

“Rudy and I had taken a lot of theater classes and were of the mindset that comedy could be used as a razor’s edge to dissect social issues,” said Stankiewicz. “So rather than write a play that would come across as didactic or preachy, we thought that using comedy and satire to let people in would allow us to reach a wider audience than if we went with it in a strictly dramatic way.” (Ithaca Journal – Sept 21, 2015)

Trevor Stankiewicz is a recent graduate from Cornell University, where he was commissioned to write an original play focused on the genocide in Darfur in February of 2015 as a part of a Human Rights Month event. Following the initial performance in April, Trevor received invaluable feedback and support from his peers, his theater professors, and Darfuri scholars. Throughout the summer, edits were made and information was updated. Trevor is excited and humbled to share this updated story with the historic Pregones Theater, and he hopes that everyone enjoys the show and learns something as well.

Rudy Gerson is a theater maker and lover of all things daring who recently made the transition to New York City from the beautiful Ithaca. Since graduating from Cornell with his collaborator and best friend Trevor Stankiewicz, Rudy continued living in Ithaca, performing as a company member of Civic Ensemble, and working to grow the political and artistic potential of The Darfur Compromised. He’s a producer, a director, and an actor, who wants to make work of political significance. Hopefully, this project is just the first of the many he’ll bring to NYC.



Tickets start at $15*
Click Here for Tickets

*50% of the evening’s proceeds will go towards Operation Broken Silence and their work doing supply runs to the Nuba Mountains region of Sudan. For more information visit their website at



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