Taking our place

TAKING OUR PLACE: Dan Guerrero Does It On Stage [We asked Rosalba Rolón to share a few personal notes about artist Dan Guerrero’s impressive trajectory and his acclaimed autobiographical performance ¡Gaytino! Enjoy!] “We went to the front of the line and we took our place.” This is one of my favorite lines of Dan Guerrero’s…


April 10, 2019 in THE BRONX – Bronx Film Wednesdays (BxFW) screens new, little-seen, and standout independent films that you will love! Featuring I AM A DREAMER, a new documentary fiction series about the DREAMers generation, by Mario Rosales. Co-presented with Prime Latino Media and 21 Islands International Film Festival.



October 19-21 in THE BRONX – Two men living among garbage cans dream of being the best street-performers in the city, without realizing that they will have to fight against a society in which they are invisible. A daring artistic approach that exposes sexuality, love and misery in a raw manner.