Five distinct programs/projects harbor the array of creative initiatives that shape the work we do. Each program/project is curated by a dynamic group of artists and specialists with a vibrant connection to the pulse of our constituents. Take a look:



Mainstage is the creative center of Pregones/Puerto Rican Traveling Theater. At its heart is an ensemble of Latino actors, musicians, writers, directors, dancers, designers, and technicians. This network includes master-level, mid-career, and early-career artists, and sees mentoring as a natural component of its activity. As a collective, the artists who participate in Mainstage are committed to a dynamic understanding of ensemble process and the creative benefits it can offer. We are spurred by the experience of diaspora, exile, and migration; by the swift propagation of Puerto Rican popular culture; by the Brechtian principles of Latin American nuevo teatro; and by the wealth of Latino creative expressions in the United States. Mainstage comprises all artistic activity connected to the creation, remounting, and performance of productions in the company’s original theatrical repertory.



Pregones Puerto Rican Traveling Theater presents the work of other artists working in theater, dance, music, and related disciplines. The primary goal of the Presenting program is to give our audience an opportunity to sample the full range of contemporary Latino performing arts. The program presents individual artists and companies of broad appeal and peer-recognized merit. Works may be traditional and/or experimental. Our curatorial guidelines favor New York-based artists but we also present artists from the Caribbean, Latin America, and elsewhere in the United States. Alternately, Presenting also features artists who may broker significant intercultural and inter-national exchange and reflection for a diverse audience.



The Bronx-Broadway Showcase for Latino Theater at Pregones/PRTT

• A platform for engaging existing and future audiences in meaningful dialogue about the current boom and diversity of Latino theater.
• A platform for engaging seasoned and emerging Latino artists in the cooperative development of new theater works of variable scale.
• A new Off-Broadway Latino theater showcase supplementing Pregones/PRTT’s year-round season in The Bronx and Manhattan.

PLATAFORMA introduces two innovations in the way we think and plan for sustained excellence at Pregones/PRTT:

FIRST, it convenes and solicits curatorial advisement and recommendations from thinkers and practitioners inside and outside of the arts.

SECOND, it contracts seasoned and emerging Latino artists of merit to work cooperatively with Pregones/PRTT in developing and presenting their original works.

A multi-sector resource team, plus a standout selection of local and national theatermakers —who also gain privileged access to Pregones/ PRTT’s acclaimed ensemble and cooperative methodologies— give PLATAFORMA its distinct personality.

One helps harness additional expertise in arts production, marketing, sales, audience and community engagement, cross-sector relation-ship building, and collaborations. The other manages and deploys shared resources into a recurring 8- to 10-week PLATAFORMA run at the historica Puerto Rican Traveling Theater on 47th Street.

Creative placemaking is a major factor, and PLATAFORMA drives new activity between the Bronx and Manhattan as much as it leverages our privileged arts location within the Broadway district.


Support for PLATAFORMA generously provided in part by the Theater Sub-District Council.



Our Training & Education program upholds the principles of lifelong learning in the arts, and responds to locally voiced needs for bilingual Latino arts and cultural promotion, alternatives to commercial entertainment, and daytime events suitable for schools, working families, and senior centers alike. Key components include:

  • Raul Julia Training Unit – providing theater training to youth aged 14 to 18 at the Julia de Burgos Center in El Barrio, East Harlem.
  • Two Play Development Tracks:
    • The Playwrights Unit – an intensive 8-month play development process for professional playwrights, selected by invitation only, and led by a master playwright. Works developed culminate with a staged reading.
    • Asunción Play Competition – A national juried play competition and subsequent intensive work with a master director, for works by [email protected] playwrights exploring issues of difference and transformation at the limits of queer identity. The winning playwrights receive a $1000 prize, plus their work receives a full workshop production in one of our venues.
  • Life-Long Learning – a series of intensive opportunities for ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of theater knowledge and/or training, regardless of age. Opportunities include:
    • Seniors In Motion – 20-week theater workshops culminating in a public showcase, conducted on-site at selected Senior Citizen Centers in the Bronx, East Harlem and Hells Kitchen.
    • Conversations – a series of arts & humanities forums with live performance, led by artists and specialists, aimed at supporting and contextualizing our season programming.
    • Forum Theater – Boal-inspired forum theater project addressing issues of urgency, such as health, domestic/relational violence among teens, adults, and the elderly.
  • Circle of Scholars – linking local school and college-level faculty, student leaders, and other cultural workers; and dissemination of community-based arts education, including work with the NYS Arts Learning Standards, the NYC Dept. of Education’s Blueprints for Teaching and Learning in the Arts, and the Creativity Matters! Toolkit of the National Center for Creative Aging.

For more information on how to join any of our Education initiatives, please write to us and/or call us at 718-585-1202



Pregones and Puerto Rican Traveling Theater began as touring ensembles. Today we continue to travel throughout NY, the greater Tri State area, and beyond. Summer Stage is our season kick-off event, now in its 11th year. The free tour visits mostly outdoors locations and imparts valuable arts presenting knowledge among community hosts. Other Local Touring is done via the joint outreach/education arm of Pregones In Motion. National & International Tours are an equally important part of this program, with performance and artistic residency engagements of variable duration often sponsored by a mix of professional theaters, grassroots organizations, and educational institutions. The Worldwide Virtual Carrousel, a current collaboration with partners in Peru, Belgium, and South Africa, pools resources from all flagship programs to enable theater-based interactions and co-creation of new, multi-lingual stage works.


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